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Shanghai Dari Co., Ltd. is professional at customized machine manufacturer. Our company is competent to provide customized automated solutions at engineers, designs, manufactures and retrofits for diverse industries. Our projects range from fully automatic high-speed robotic work modules to operator assisted semi-automatic workstations. Over the years, we have continuously expanded our capabilities and expertise to solve complex automation challenges in a variety of industries.

With our wealthy experience in the design of automated machinery and production assembly line, we provide our clients with production ready automated equipments that cuts labor costs and improves quality and production rates.

Our strict project management standards and operating procedures ensures clients receive a machine solution that not only complies with all statutory regulations and safety requirements but is also delivered on time, within budget and is accompanied by copies of the machine manual and documentation.

Our main customers cover SAIC, SHAC, OTIS, SIEMENS, GM, FORD etc.

If you are in need of any custom automated assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! Let us turn your concepts into reality! 


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