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Leak Test Machine of Engine Blocks

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Product description: We have designed and produced a number of leak test systems for a variety of automotive parts which includes equipment for the testing of engine block.


This machine runs with full automatic picking-up, feeding, transfer to clamping, testing process by using robot, conveyor, clamper and tester integrated. When all the clampers are ready in test position, the leak test unit then starts pre filling and filling air to the cylinder intake and exhaust cavity with preset pressure, after a period of balancing time, the unit tests the leak rate with a certain period of time and then displays the test results on the unit screen. All the leak rate data are also collected by PLC and will be written into RFID tag before the part leaves the station.

We are capable to supply leak test stations tailored to the customers needs:

  • Automatic machines with roller/pallet conveyors
  • Automatic machines with robot automation
  • Machine with automatic sealing tools exchange and carriage


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